I'm not a professional photographer. Which, by logic, makes me an unprofessional photographer - life is bitter. So why even bother with a website for that? I shoot mostly people and sometimes they like to verify that the beardy dude who put that camera way too close in their faces is not a complete creep. Also, I like to meet other photo geeks to waste some hours of lifetime with discussions about onion rings in bokeh balls. So, add me on instagram, facebook or flickr
My genre is street and travel photography. Which makes sense: I'm a full time journalist in my professional life so I'm limited to taking pictures in my leisure time.
Like most photographers I suffer from "G.A.S.". So, what's in my bag?
I end up using the Ricoh GR (I) for most of my shots. I come back to this incredible camera again and again. I could talk for hours about this camera, its sharpness, its ergonomics, it's color rendition and black and white capabilities. It beats the X100 series to the ground in almost every aspect so I don't really know why the internet keeps discussing this. (I'm exaggerating. Maybe.)
For everything else I currently use my Nikon full frame DSLR, a Nikkor 50mm 1.8g prime, a professional grade zoom (Nikkor 24-70 2.8 - without the VR) and sometimes other primes. I tried the 24-120 F4 but it's just not as punchy. I also enjoy phonography.
Snapseed and Lightroom.
"Do you ask for permission when you take photos of strangers?"
I always get that question, probably because of my legal background. If you really care about a good picture legal considerations really should take a back seat. But I do ask when I get close for wide angle portraits. 
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